About Us - Quality Control
Quality Control
Innovation is an essential cornerstone of K-LITE. Extensive research and development empower us to bring new solutions to the lighting industry. And we are proud of this never-ending commitment to quality that guides us.

Spearheaded by the company founder and chief engineer, Mr.Dilip Kumbhat, our dedicated in-house team of skilled engineers and designers comes with years of experience in the lighting industry. It is this experience and knowledge that helps them innovate and excel.

With industry-leading scientific tools and technology, including 3D printing, early-stage prototyping, goniophotometer, and inhouse manufacturer testing, we create energy-efficient lighting products and systems based on your business needs. Making value for time and resources, we follow stringent quality measures throughout the production process and beyond.

Give credit to our superior attention to detail or the rigorous testing of our products, but everything we do is to serve you better. We believe that high-quality products can only be manufactured and delivered when there’s a system of highquality testing in place.

Our advanced lab ensures that safety standards are met for every luminaire which is conceptualized and produced at K-LITE. This is what has helped us to exceed your expectations, with each product that we have delivered - because every single product is thoroughly inspected and tested at K-LITE.